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What first started as a COVID hobby, I realised while learning to code and make apps that I may be able to help some clients along the way. When a business is a sole trader, contractor or side hustle, it's often difficult to find the right program to keep track of things. There's a mix of reasons that existing options often didn't work - to expensive for the size of the business, too complicated to use with unnecessary features that either aren't needed or aren't understood.

That realisation is when I thought I could offer up a solution. After 12 months of work and about 55,000 lines of code, here we are!

Version 1 of the app allows users to create quotes, sales, expenses, payments and receipts, everything that a small business needs to get started. Any of the above documents along with the variety of reports can be sent out in PDF to clients/accountants/anyone else who needs them. For a small or micro business, you can run all the reports you need including profit & loss statements, cash flow statements and sales tax statements on an accrual or cash basis.

On top of this for any type of document you can save images, whether that be a copy of the receipt for a purchase, or pictures relevant to the job being quoted, accessible at any point throughout the app.

Given that development of the app is based in Australia, some of the features at the moment are localised to Australia such as bank detail fields and address fields, however this will be localised in future to a variety of jurisdictions.

In future versions we'll be looking to add even more features, including the following:

  • An iPad compatible version of the app for those who prefer the larger screen

  • Localisation of some fields including bank details and address fields depending on region

  • Ability to set up more than one sales tax for countries with multiple varying rates, including setting up a default sales tax

  • Ability to export reports into CSV files as well as PDFs

  • Some other smaller quality of life improvements we have planned

Depending on user feedback, we will adjust priorities and add other requested features depending on demand, after all, the users of the app are the motivation for the whole venture!

We're looking forward now to getting our first batch of users onboard, and going on this business journey with them, in helping them administer their own business.

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