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Toolbar shortcuts coming soon

Coming in the next week or so is a small update to make it even easier to input your invoices, receipts, expenses and payments. We've added a new toolbar in the customer/supplier screens and also the invoice/purchase screens, allowing you to jump directly from those screens into creating a new transaction. To increase convenience and save time, when you use these new toolbars, the customer/supplier you're viewing will automatically be selected for the new transaction.

In the background of the app we've also upgraded the analytics that we're using, so that we can get an even better idea of how Pure Cash Tracker is being used, and know what to focus on in upcoming updates and improvements.

Finally, thank you for using Pure Cash Tracker, it's been a big year of development to get to this point, having launched a few weeks ago. We're looking forward to bringing even more updates and improvements in the new year!

As always, if you have any suggestions or have come across any bugs/issues with the app or even just want to say hello, you can either submit a post on our forum, or email us at More than anything we love seeing all our hard work being used and helping people run their small business!

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