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Notifications - to make sure you never miss another payment

An update coming out over the weekend is bringing a new feature to Pure Cash Tracker - push notifications.

Once you've received the update, in the app you'll be able to request Pure Cash Tracker send you a notification on the day a payment is due or you are owed an invoice, as well as the time of day that you want to receive the notification.

You can set all of this up in the settings screen, with a new menu item call "Push Notifications", which you send you to this screen:

Once you're all good to go and set up in the settings, when you input an expense or sale it will automatically set notifications to run on the due date unless nothing is outstanding when the time comes round.

The notifications on your Lock Screen will look like the ones below:

Hopefully these notifications are helpful and help you stay on top of your business. We look forward to bringing you even more useful updates shortly!

In the meantime, if you have any feedback or suggestions for the app, please feel free to get in touch either through the forum or by emailing us directly!


The Pure Cash Tracker Team

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