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Homescreen widgets coming to a home screen near you!

In an update that will release over the next couple of days we've added a handy new feature, home screen widgets!

The widgets show either your upcoming unpaid invoices owed to you or unpaid expenses, to help make sure that you never miss paying an expense or following up an invoice with a client.

You can add these views to your Home Screen using the widgets functions on your device. If you're unsure how to do this Apple themselves summarise how to do this quite nicely here.

While this update may not look like it adds a whole lot on the surface, to enable us to add this feature we had to do a lot of work behind the scenes, making sure that the widgets are able to access the most up to date information from the app, and that all parts are talking to each other and working together.

We hope you're as excited by the new feature as we are, and we look forward to bringing you even more features shortly!

As always, we love hearing from users, whether it's an issue you've found, a suggestion or feature you'd like to see in the app, or just want to say hello!

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