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Dark Mode available soon!

Our most requested feature by users since launching is for a dark mode to be available. After working on updating the color scheme for the last two weeks, we think we've finally gotten it up to scratch. An update will be coming out in the next few days containing the new dark mode, screenshots below!

As yellow is the main palette color of the app, we wanted to ensure that we managed to maintain that consistency across both light and dark modes. We spent some time playing around with the different UI elements, trying to make sure that we struck the right balance with yellow and white without having the screen being too overwhelming. We're happy with the end result, though may revisit based on user feedback.

The other thing we've been working on the past few weeks is improving the localisation initially implemented in the last update. Users will now be prompted to select the country their business is in on their initial set up, and will also be able to change the country in the settings menu at any time with a few presses of a button.

Now that we have dark mode up and running, our next step will be developing an iPad version of the app, as well as some Home Screen widgets that will help users track their overdue invoices and upcoming expenses payments without having to enter the app.

As always we would love it if you have any feedback or suggestions. Thank you for coming on this journey with us, and we look forward to continuing to bring you updates in the new year!

Dark mode screenshots below!

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