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Adding new accounts to Pure Cash Tracker


Pure Cash Tracker by default comes with a variety of accounts already for you to use, however each business is different and will have its own expenses and income to break down by account.

All changes to new and existing accounts can be made in the settings menu in Pure Cash Tracker.

1. Settings Menu

The first step to access the settings menu in Pure Cash Tracker is to make sure you have selected the "Home" tab on the bottom of the screen (highlighted).

Once in the Home Screen, the Settings menu is accessed by tapping the Settings button at the top right of the screen.

2. View and Edit Accounts

Once in the Settings menu to access the existing accounts details select "View and Edit Accounts" (highlighted).

3. New Account

The accounts screen will list all of the accounts currently set up in Pure Cash Tracker.

To set up a new account, select the "new" button in the top right hand corner of the screen (highlighted).

4. New Account Details

The New Account screen presents three fields:

  • Account type

  • Account name

  • Account number

Account Type

There are six account types in Pure Cash Tracker:

  1. Sales

  2. Cost of Sales

  3. Other Income

  4. Expenses

  5. Income Tax

  6. Sales Tax

Select the account most appropriate for the new account being created by pressing on the list on the screen (example highlighted).

Account Name

The name of the account describes the income or expense.

Account Number

All accounts in Pure Cash Tracker have an account number. In setting up a new account, any number between 100 and 999 can be selected for an account. You'll notice most screens and reports show four numbers in an account number. The first account number is determined by the type of account selected as numbered above. Some reports in Pure Cash Tracker are sorted by account number, so make sure when choosing an account number that you place the accounts in an order that works for you.

5. Save New Account

Once all details for a new account have been entered, select the save button (highlighted).

6. New Account is created

After pressing save, you will be able to find the newly created account in the list of existing accounts.


The details of the new account can be viewed by tapping the account in the list (example highlighted).

7. View Account Details

The details of the new account are displayed in the account detail view. From this screen the account can be edited or deleted if a mistake has been made or if the account is not needed.

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