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Changing or updating the sales tax rates in Pure Cash Tracker

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Updating or changing sales taxes

From time to time you may have to change or update the sales taxes/VAT/GST set up in Pure Cash Tracker. There may be a new rate, new name, or you may be registered for sales taxes for the first time.

All of the changes to sales taxes can be made in the settings menu in Pure Cash Tracker.

1. Settings Menu

The first step to access the settings menu in Pure Cash Tracker is to make sure you have selected the "Home" tab on the bottom of the screen (highlighted).

Once in the Home Screen, the Settings menu is accessed by tapping the Settings button at the top right of the screen.

2. View and Edit Sales Taxes

Once in the Settings menu to access the sales tax/VAT/GST details select "View and Edit Sales Taxes" (highlighted).

3. Existing Sales Tax Details

The Sales Tax detail screen shows the current tax/VAT/GST details as entered into Pure Cash Tracker.

In order to make changes to the current sales tax, press the edit button in the top right corner of the screen (highlighted).

4. Edit Sales Tax

In the Edit Sales Tax screen there are three details that can be updated:

  • Sales/VAT/GST name

  • Sales/VAT/GST acronym to appear on invoices

  • Sales/VAT/GST rate

To edit each field tap on the field and make the changes required (example highlighted).

5. Save Changes

Once the changes to sales taxes/VAT/GST required have been made, press the save button (highlighted).

To cancel the changes, press the cancel button in the top right corner of the screen.

6. Review new Sales Tax Details

Once the new sales tax/VAT/GST details have been saved Pure Cash Tracker will return to the Sales Tax Detail screen for you to review the current sales tax/VAT/GST settings.

From this screen the settings menu can be returned to by pressing the back button (highlighted).

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