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Making sure you don't miss any deadlines

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You can set up Pure Cash Tracker to push a notification on your device either when an invoice is due to you or you are due to make a payment to a supplier.

Notifications are set up in the settings menu in Pure Cash Tracker.

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1. Settings Menu

The first step to access the settings menu in Pure Cash Tracker is to make sure you have selected the "Home" tab on the bottom of the screen (highlighted).

Once in the Home Screen, the Settings menu is accessed by tapping the Settings button at the top right of the screen.

2. Notifications Settings

To access the notifications settings menu, in the Settings menu select "Push Notifications" (highlighted).

3. Setting Up Notifications

In Pure Cash Tracker there are two different types of notification that can be used, one for sales and the other for purchases. The can be turned on using the toggle buttons in the menu (highlighted).

Once the notifications are toggled on, the time of day that the notifications are triggered can be selected and changed to the desired time using the time selected (highlighted).

Notification Permissions

If notifications are being set up on your device for the first time Pure Cash Tracker will request permission to send you notifications.

If you have previously denied Pure Cash Tracker permission to send you notifications, you will have to allow Pure Cash Tracker to send you notifications in your device's settings menu. Pressing the highlighted button will take you to the right screen to set up notification permissions.

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